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Anyone recommend Phantom 4 ?

Discussion in 'UAV & Drones 4K' started by Dean66, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Dean66

    Dean66 New Member

  2. florinbj

    florinbj Member

    I think that for filming biking events, DJI Phantom 4 seems a very good choice . I think it's pretty enough .
    You can look at this video to see how simple you can control it if you have a smartphone , even a 3 year old child can control it .

    And judging by the technical specifications, I think this camera fits your needs .
  3. Nikola

    Nikola Member

    I agree with florinbj, Phantom 4 is excellent
  4. cooper7741

    cooper7741 New Member

    You cant go wrong with the phantom 4 matey its pukka. some of my filmz are well know on youtube and all i used waz this quadcopter.
  5. florinbj

    florinbj Member

    For my curiosity, could you share some videos made with this camera?
  6. Ben Palmer

    Ben Palmer Member

    Although I don't own one myself, friends that have got Phantom 4s have all heartily recommended them. I've had a little go on one and it certainly seemed fast enough to cover biking events.

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