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Cannon G7X Mark II

Discussion in 'Canon 4K' started by Salvador, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Salvador

    Salvador Member

    I have had them all Rx100 M2 M3 and M4 and also tried the TZ100. If viewfinder is not a priority, in my experience there is no competition. The G7X II is fantastic.

    It has perfect travel zoom range with beautiful portraits at 100mm f2.8. I just love the colours compared to sony and panasonic. The ergonomics and menu system is by far the best of all the cameras in its class. Photography is my main hobby, and this camera has fantastic handling for its class. Has dedicated exposure compensation dial and love the Ring Func button. It's a joy to use. I hated the Sonys menu systems and the controls. Even though I use VF on my DSLRS and fuji, I actually don't miss it on this compact. The artuculating touchscreen gives you fantastic opportunities for some really great angle shots.

    If 4K video /longer zoom is a priority then maybe the TZ100 is worth a look. Although it's EVF is so tiny, almost useless.and does not have articulating screen.

    The Sonys are very good but limited zoom range and poor controls and colours(JPG) are main negatives from my experience. Great lens quality if you get a good sample.

    Happy Shooting.

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