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Canon EOS Rebel T5 with 4K quality

Discussion in 'Canon 4K' started by Joseph, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Joseph

    Joseph New Member

    I have bought a Canon T5 concerning a pair of months past with the 4k quality lens. I do know that video quality is 1080p...however I do stop-motions and so, take photos. With stop-motion program I will be able to be getting presently permit you to try and do 4K quality.

    I don't know if this is necessary, but I am using the standard lens that comes with the camera. Is that makes a difference or not?
    Canon EOS Rebel T5.jpg
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  2. Robert111

    Robert111 Member

    The lens features Canon's Optical Image Stabilization technology, which provides up to four stops of compensation for image blur caused by camera shake and slow shutter speeds. This helps to get clear, crisp images, even in low light situations. Aberrations are minimized thanks to an aspherical lens element, and a circular aperture renders pleasing out-of-focus areas. I dont think you should be spending extra on separate lens for this one.

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