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Cheap lenses for Sony Alpha A290

Discussion in 'Sony 4K' started by Salvador, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Salvador

    Salvador Member

    I bought a cheap Sony A290 with 18-55mm kit lens for now to take pictures indoors until I can decide what new to buy.

    It only has around 4K shutter counts so not bad for 6 year old camera.

    Anyways, I'm reading on lenses and found Minolta and Konica lenses work with this.

    There are many for under $25 in ebay but is there something that's both good and not expensive?

    Thanks for info.
  2. Britanica

    Britanica New Member

    Wow that is 6 years old!? Not bad at all! As for the prices, I rarely ever see a cheap lenses that is worth getting. I feel like the cheaper you go, the bigger of a waste it is. I have read a lot on lenses and the cheap ones never do well. Those will not compare to Sony's stock lenses.
  3. Chris_A

    Chris_A New Member

    I think you should never go cheap when you are talking about a Sony device of any kind. Better invest a bit more money for a really HQ lens that will provide excellent performance and also last you for years.
  4. Dannyboy

    Dannyboy Member

    I got to agree. With cheap, you get what you pay for sadly. I've thought about going cheap a lot early on, and it's always bit me in the butt. They either fall apart, break, or are rendered useless within a year, and without any sort of warranty on them, I'm generally out of luck.

    Don't worry about spending a few extra bucks on something quality. Trust me. You'll save overall when it lasts longer than your current camera, rather than having to buy a replacement every year or two.
  5. Jonzz

    Jonzz New Member

    You should definitely try and buy better lenses from Sony for your product. I think lenses are best bought from the company that produced your camera. I would not recommend you to buy from other companies and mix and match.

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