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FZ200 vs the Canon SX50

Discussion in 'Panasonic HD' started by Bill44, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Bill44

    Bill44 New Member

    We know this has probably been debated to, since these are both older models but just wondered if there was any fresh input? From what I've read, it appears the Canon does better as the ISO goes up.
    For example, ISO 800 looks a lot better on the Canon than it does on the Panny. BUT, since the FZ is constant 2.8, how often is ISO 800 even needed?

    I'm basically looking for a lightweight camera I can carry around for wildlife shots. I'm not worried about indoors, so the lowest light situations I'd be in would be under tree cover, late afternoon and maybe overcast skies. I really like the idea of that constant 2.8 lens, but I'm not sure the image quality will be there.

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