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Love my G1X

Discussion in 'Canon 4K' started by Bill44, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Bill44

    Bill44 New Member

    Nothing much to say beyond the title. I bought a G1X used about 6 months ago. Up until that point I'd never owned anything with a sensor larger than the one in my S110.

    It's been such a fantastic camera. I know it has its issues, and my particular camera has a non-functional flash (bought a cheap TTL flash to mount on the hotshoe, works when needed), but the images it takes are stunning IMO.

    My dad has a Leica M240, and if we're at the same family event taking photos, the G1X shots really aren't losing anything unless you're in low light or blowing them up to pixel-peep. For just emailing shots or printing them at 8x10 to decorate my office, it's perfect and the fact that I got it for about $200 is icing on the cake.

    Random sampling, all JPEGs straight out of the camera-



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  2. Camerakev

    Camerakev New Member

    Yes, This is great to use. One of my friends use it..
  3. johnson

    johnson New Member

    Oh no! As I posted this, I noticed a consistent fleck of dust on the left lower corner of all of the shots I've taken with the camera

    Maybe it's on the surface of the lens and I can just clean it off. Fingers crossed!

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