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Maintenance of your GoPro

Discussion in 'Action & Sport HD' started by iamevallain, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. iamevallain

    iamevallain New Member

    I know that the GoPro is built to be durable, plus the fact that it's waterproof adds a whole new meaning to the word action cam. But at the end of the day, we still need to maintain our gadgets to prolong its life.

    Could you share any tips on how to take care of your GoPro, I think it doesn't matter what kind you have.

    Thank you in advance!

    (Just in case, I have the GoPro Hero 4. I just bought it recently)
  2. Nikola

    Nikola Member

    I found some good advice, I hope it'll be helpful.

    Step 1) After every GoPro worthy excursion, your camera will undoubtedly be wet, dirty, sandy etc. The first step is to simply remove the camera from its case taking care to avoid considerable pieces of dirt and sand. These can cause damage to the lens and will basically ruin your GoPro.

    Step 2) Take the casing you have just removed and rinse it thoroughly beneath a regular tap. Try to avoid hard water or salt water if possible as these will leave residue on the casing. Be sure to get all the grit and sand out of the corners.

    Step 3) Now a little trick. To avoid waiting for the case to dry, or the chance of scratching the lens with rag (especially if there is sand residue) grab a hair blow dryer. After gently shaking the case to get most of the water out, begin to dry the case with the blower taking care not to heat up the case too much. To do this, set the blower to the lowest heat setting and keep a reasonable distance between the dryer and the case.

    Step 4) Once the case is reasonably dry, take a lens wiping cloth or a computer screen cloth to wipe off the camera lens. Be sure there is no sand or grit on the lens or the cloth as this will probably scratch the lens. The final step here is to spray a light coat of Rain-X (the car windshield spray) to the lens and the outside of the case taking care not to spray the inside. Wipe clean and dry with your screen/lens cloth. Why the Rain-X you ask? This light coating serves two main purposes: 1. If you use the camera underwater or in the rain, water will not bubble up in front of the lens. It will just run down the case so there aren’t water bubbles in your video. 2. It will make any dirt, grit or sand very easy to clean off after your next adventure!

    Step 5) Moving on to the camera itself, use a moist, delicate lint-free rag or cloth to wipe down everything except the lens. For the lens, use your lens cloth/computer screen cloth to carefully wipe off the lens. The correct technique for doing so is to start in the middle of the lens, and wipe in small circles slowly expanding from the center until you’ve covered the whole lens. If necessary, moisten the cloth with a zoom lens cleaning solution before wiping.

    Step 6) On to where you store your camera. Be sure to have a strong, durable and preferably waterproof case to store your GoPro and accessories. This is far superior to leaving your gear in a pile or throwing it in bag because this will avoid scratching the lens, losing any accessories or accidental smashing or damaging of your equipment.

    Step 7)
    The final step is to ensure that the interior of your storage case is clean. This step is often overlooked. Perhaps you left the case open outside for a period of time on a previous adventure and dust or grit has settled into your case. Firstly, tip it upside down to get any boulder sized pieces out, then use either a handheld “mini” vacuum or your trusty blow drier to remove the finer particles
  3. iamevallain

    iamevallain New Member

    Thanks, Nikola! This is a lot! But I am keeping this in mind. A colleague during our trip was using his GoPro Hero 4 and I swear whenever we would use it under water and it gets a little blurry, he spits on it, wipe it away and then the lens is no longer blurry. Have you encountered that one? Seems a little weird to me.
  4. Nikola

    Nikola Member

    Yes, I know for this method, my dad spits on camera. You can even do that on diving mask.I avoid that method. :D
  5. caisaki

    caisaki Member

    Wow, really cool tips you got there. To be honest I haven't used Rain-X before but I am looking at using the hydrophobic solutions being marketed such as the NeverWet, although just on the case as the GoPro is already waterproof.

    Spitting, though, is not my thing haha.
  6. CamGeek

    CamGeek New Member

    Thanks for sharing this awesome tips. I don`t own a GoPro yet, but I plan to, for sure, and these maintenance tips will come in handy.
  7. florinbj

    florinbj Member

    Great tips . When I'll have enough funds to buy a goPro ( I hope in the near future) I will certainly follow these points . Thanks
  8. Harry2

    Harry2 Member

    Great tips, I will be going to follow your tips from next days.
    Any tips for video editing?

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