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Sony A68 - Direct comparison to..

Discussion in 'Sony 4K' started by Mac Montoya, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Mac Montoya

    Mac Montoya New Member

    I've read a lot of posts complimenting and bashing the Sony A68. Though I do think that it's a camera worth buying, a lot of people are criticising the bold move of Sony's "prequel" to the A77 II.

    But, the Sony A68 is often compared to:
    1. One of Pentax' best cameras-- the K-3 DSLR.
    2. And Nikon's D7200

    Any thoughts on this as I would like to get my insights on both cameras (Sony A68 and Sony A77 II)? Will appreciate further comments!

    Have a great day! :)
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  2. Dean66

    Dean66 New Member

    IVer got the Sony A68 and I havent had any issues with it at all. its been a great camera to work with. I am thinking of a nikon G8 next..
  3. Mac Montoya

    Mac Montoya New Member

    Oh daaamn! It's settled then! Hahaha thank you, Dean! :)
  4. Dean66

    Dean66 New Member

    your welcome Mac
  5. Robert111

    Robert111 Member

    Sony A68, is a newly later version with some robust specifications and using the same the 4D focus like Sony A77 II with 79 AF points with 15 cross type.If you take a look at the specifications of the two cameras, the first thing that will stumble you is their resolution and sensor sizes which are almost same (24 mp) , so I do expect the equal superiority in the images delivered by the duos.

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