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SONY's 4K Action Cam

Discussion in 'Sony 4K' started by Joseph, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Joseph

    Joseph New Member

    Is 4K action cam can work on any other 4K TV beside's SONY's Bravia?
  2. Barry G

    Barry G New Member

    You would think that they would make it compatible. Otherwise they are limiting the market for the camera... Can't expect people to shell out for a new TV just to be able to appreciate a 4K camera. Surely?!
  3. Britanica

    Britanica New Member

    I am not sure but if not, I agree with Barry. That would just not be wise since you would want it to work with all 4K TV's, not just your own make. Some people like different brands and mixing them. I know I do.
  4. Dannyboy

    Dannyboy Member

    Same. From what I gather though Sony's products really only seem to work with other Sony products. Which is a real shame becuase I like to mix and match my brands depending on both good deals, and what features I like. I'm not really big on brand loyalty.
  5. Jonzz

    Jonzz New Member

    I`m sure the cam works just fine on any other TV brand. Sony would not make a camera that would work exclusively on their products. That is just bad marketing. Not 100% sure though, mind you.
  6. Mr.Handy

    Mr.Handy New Member

    I was planning on getting the action cam for a while now. Anybody have any good experience with it?

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