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Sony's AS100V vs. GoPro's Hero 3+ Black

Discussion in 'Action & Sport HD' started by Jelly Direct, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Jelly Direct

    Jelly Direct New Member

    The skyrocketing growth of GoPro's series has been the trend for Action and Sports cameras all over the world.[​IMG] We can't deny that for years, we've loved the GoPro whether we have one or not--

    But worry not! A few years ago, Sony launched their own versions of the Action cam called the AS100V.

    I'd say that both Actions cams, though with their minor flaws, are not even on top of their games... well. At least not yet. Not right now. ;)

    My only concern now is that I've read A LOT of articles putting Sony first, then the GoPro, then then the Sony and then the GoPro and th-- you get the point.

    I hope you guys can help me out with choosing as I will be out for my vacation next month and I do want my photos to be in tip-top-Action-camera-quality!

    Looking forward to all of your insights!
  2. barnylad

    barnylad New Member

    IVe got the go pro 4 black. its been working flawlessly for over a year now. Battery life has stop lasting as long but apart from that its lasted well.

    I have mostly be using it for filming inside cars so its been stuck inside most of the time.
  3. James

    James Member

    The Sony has a sharper and more vibrant picture. Although it crunches out the white and black levels to give it that sharpness. GoPro is more of a neutral pallet but has a greater range of subtle blacks, if that's your thing. I'd choose the Sony any day.

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