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Sony's Cyber-shot: Big on Features, Light on the Pocket

Discussion in 'Sony HD' started by Mac Montoya, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. Mac Montoya

    Mac Montoya New Member

    A simple point and shoot camera that'll slip easily into your pocket'll be less likely to be renowned as a "bad" characteristic for a camera...

    BUT with Sony's Cyber-shot W800, they've taken the novice cameras by storm!

    Reasons why this is one effective camera:
    1. A reasonable performance with good light
    2. A few manual controls
    3. Compact and lightweight
    4. A low price at $64... compared to other cameras. :confused:
    Anyway, this isn't really the best camera thread on this site but I'm sure this'll help out a lot of people consider another belittled product of Sony. If not, let me know your comments! :)
  2. Luster12

    Luster12 New Member

    I don't think anyone would belittle a Sony product. I mean, they came from doing good TV, cameras and also their phones come in at a good spot in the market as well. I had probably one or two from their Cyber-shot series and they are still working perfectly, although I have moved into a more complicated camera that allows me to adjust to better lens, I still keep one handy from time to time.
  3. Robert111

    Robert111 Member

    One of my friends has this camera. It functions very well. It can take pictures even in the darkest place.It is small, lightweight and very easy to handle with one hand.The pictures are sharp, extremely clear. It has a built in macro lens for shooting small objects/flowers/insects. Excellent camera. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good camera for a good price.
  4. Jonzz

    Jonzz New Member

    I really like this camera myself. Never had any problems with it. I even bought it used and it still works well. Sony is known for quality. You can never go wrong with Sony.

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