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Tired of waiting for the SX70

Discussion in 'Canon 4K' started by johnson, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. johnson

    johnson New Member

    I spent so much time and money only to realize I do not have the "knack" for real photography so I am looking for a bridge camera for hiking and vacations.

    What got me to post is I am so tired of waiting for Canon to release the SX70 or what ever it will be called. If it is not released this photokina then I am going to start looking else where. I have missed to many good vacations not having a nice camera.

    That being said I would like something more advanced then an SX60 or P900 with at least 60X zoom... What are some other options that are either out now(the zoom makes it a small list) or will be coming out this month?

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