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What camcorder should I get

Discussion in 'Sony HD' started by Rickymartin, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Rickymartin

    Rickymartin New Member

    I am looking for a decent video camera to get for some public pranks and social experiments. I would like to get a video camera that has external mic capabilities so that we can have a wireless mic on whoever is doing the prank or experiment. I am thinking about any Sony camera. Can someone help me with finding a decent set up with a budget of $1000 - $1300? Any suggestion will be much appreciate.
  2. tomsonn

    tomsonn New Member

    I suggest you to Google with this keyword

    "Amazon best sellers camcorders".

    Then for mics it's a bit of a mess since you are running a prank so no mic may work. Just pop a phone into your crew and press record then in post production (only your newest of the new think these are shot all on camera) splice in the audio.
  3. florinbj

    florinbj Member

    I would recommend one of those gadgets that you can find on eBay , like spy stuff . You can do many pranks with them, maybe hundreds of ideas without having to cope with the latest technology
  4. Tiffany

    Tiffany New Member

    You may choose any of these
    Look at the best sellers on Stay in the top 10.
    Forget it and put a current gen cell phone to work.
  5. James

    James Member

    Good to see you trying this. So many people are becoming 'Facebook famous' by holding their smartphone out in front of them and talking to an unsuspecting bystander. So lazy, poor image quality as well.

    Most well known YouTubers have DSLRs if not an even more elaborate set up

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